Our Battery Recycling &

Terracycle Programs

Battery Recycling

Did You Know? Typical household batteries can be thrown in your normal trash can, but this doesn't mean that this is environmentally safe.

Batteries that are thrown away in the trash and aren't recycled will eventually leach their chemicals into the groundwater around landfills or be burned at an incinerator, releasing their chemicals into the air. Why not send them to a facility that will properly handle and recycle the materials, especially when it's free or low-cost? We at BZWI will accept many different types of batteries for our Big Green Box collection for free! This program does cost money, however, so a small donation with your battery drop-off is most appreciated. 

If you would like to drop-off your batteries, please send us a quick email and let us know. Our office is located in Pittsfield for easy access! Click the link below to learn what kinds of batteries we can accept.



Terracycle is a unique recycling business that takes hard-to-recycle products and turns them into reusable products, such as the water can pictured here.

We currently participate in the following Terracycle programs:

Disposable razors*

Burt's Bees Products

GoGo squeeZ

Tom's of Maine

LOL Surprise!


Cigarette Butts*

Clicking on the item will bring you to the Terracycle Page with information on what items are recyclable and how to transport them.

*These programs involve hazardous materials. Please inform us ahead of time if you would like to drop-off these items.

How to Terracycle with Us

Step 1) Read the accepted items information on the Terracycle website

Step 2) Collect the items in a reused box or bag, ensuring items are dry and clean

Step 3) Connect with us through email to set up a drop-off time. (This measure is in place during the current State of Emergency in MA)

Step 4) Repeat!