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Current Projects

WasteLess Restaurants

Began September 2020

We're collaborating with local restaurants on reducing waste. Restaurant owners and employees will try out various tools and habits that will ultimately result in less packaging for take-out, and feel-good savings for local and small businesses.

School Waste Reduction

Spring 2021*

Working with schools is one of the most effective ways to help a community reduce their waste. Interacting with students and teachers alike, we educate them on how to compost and reduce their waste throughout the day and during lunch. They can then bring these skills home and practice them in the long-term. *Depending on school availability.

Compost Pick-Up Pilot

Fall 2020 - Summer 2020

Do you have compost that needs a home? We're piloting a compost pick-up project here in the Berkshires. We're working on the details now, with a hopeful start in the Spring of 2020! Contact us today to be a member or to help us get off to a good start.

Battery Recycling


Similar to our Terracycle programs, we collect used batteries for recycling. This program is not free, and we utilize donations to keep this program running. Click the button below to learn about what types of batteries we accept and how to connect with us to recycle them.

Online Waste Reduction Webinars


We aren't having in-person workshops for now, but that doesn't mean learning and DIYing can't take place! Check out our newsletter for updates on upcoming webinars and new how-to videos.

Terracycle Programs


We are subscribed to many different Terracycle programs that help our community reduce their waste through recycling hard-to-recycle materials. Click the button below to jump to the section that describes each of our current programs, and how to particiapte.

Want to learn more about our programs? Send us an email today!

Special Thanks to Current and Previous Program Supporters

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If you're interested in sponsoring a project or hosting your own program, please send us a message

We love working with various organizations, businesses, and groups to share our resources and to teach new skills on waste reduction. We have hosted private workshops, public presentations, and special projects with various interested parties. You can join in on the fun too! Send us a message to get the process started today.