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Waste Reduction in

Berkshire County Schools

We're here to help.

Our schools are filled with forward-thinkers and learners that want to be a part of a bright future.

If there is one thing that Berkshire Zero-Waste Initiative is good at, it's collaborating with local schools. We've taught in classes, helped with waste-sorting education, created curriculum, and helped with school waste audits. Want to learn more? Keep scrolling to learn about:

  • Current & Past School Collaborations

  • Resources for Schools, Teachers, Students, and Staff

  • Sustainable Monument 2025

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Current Projects

Our schools are currently under a lot of stress with hybrid- and distance-learning. We look forward to finding solutions for schools now and as they transition back into in-person learning. 

Past Projects

This section is currently under construction.

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Sustainable Monument 2025

Sustainable Monument 2025 is the result of a collaboration between community members and the staff, teachers, and students of Monument Mountain Regional High School located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts during the Winter, Spring and Summer of 2020. Sustainable Monument 2025 is a living document that will guide the school's community towards a school that is sustainable, equitable, and one that promotes a livable future. To read the version of Sustainable Monument 2025 dated for July of 2020, click the link below. For questions about this project, feel free to reach out to Mary by email.